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Andrea and Kevin moved from the UK to Murcia in Spain in 2006 and a couple of years later in 2008, they founded their own donkey sanctury/animal charity. 


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12th April 2022 – Early this afternoon we had a wonderful surprise, our girl Lucera gave birth!
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Andrea’s Animal Rescue (AAR)

Andrea’s Animal Rescue was started in August 2008. The charity was formed primarily to care for mal-treated Donkeys, as during this time, Henrietta, a female donkey who had several tumours, was rescued. She was in fact our second donkey, Lola being the first. 

Meet our latest rescue…


We were sent information on this boy in Calaspara, it absolutely breaks our hearts to see this boy once was loved, when he was a foal!

He has nothing, no bed, no shelter ….fed with bread and scraps, it’s absolutely NO LIFE FOR HIM, he’s so lonely and depressed.

He calls out when he sees the two angels he hopes are going to save him from this hideous life, the lady and her mum are trying their best to take decent food for him, difficult situation. We needed to raise €370 which covers the transport money and castration (as he will need castrating ASAP), we can cover the farrier, dental and worm treatment…

He’s underweight, but we can soon remedy that. He needs his hooves doing and the usual worming and vet check will be done, other than that he’s a baby, around 20 months old, shocking that we are his 3rd home AND WE WILL BE HIS LAST!

Within 2 hours of posting this on our Facebook page you lovely people have saved this beautiful boy .. you are all amazing .. absolutely amazing. Thank you!


We are all heartbroken here at AAR as we could not save our boy Zacariah from colic.
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What we do and what you can do

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Rescuing Animals

We rescue and care for distressed animals, mainly donkeys, but we also have ponies and other small animals!

Sponsor a donkey

We ask for a minimum of £10/€10 a month, of course you can pay more if you wish or even annually.

Our Charity Shops

We currently have 2 charity shops. One in Mazarrón, the other in Roldán. Can you spare some hours to help us?

Only £4.00 or €4.00

Our Bank Info

Bank account: Andreas Animal Rescue and the Henrietta Foundation
Bank: Caja Rural
IBAN: es9830185740682015846617
BIC: bcoeesmm018

Sponsor a Donkey

Our sponsorship scheme is vital to help with the day to day running costs, food, farrier, vet fees, worm treatments …. the list is endless. One of our  volunteers  Ann, looks after this side of things for us, Obviously we would like you all to sponsor a donkey or two!! Or even a dog, rabbit, the list is endless, every little helps as they say!


We will be on sector B carpark 11.30/1.30 collecting any of your unwanted items you wish to donate. Larger items we can arrange for collection.
Carrots and apples are always most welcome as is dog food and cat food.


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