Rescued September 2021

Meet Camaron

Well it all kicked off at lunch time with a post on Instagram that was shared and shared, the only information we had was a rough area, my phone was like the bat phone! On cases like this we have to move fast …. The Polica we’re called and so was our the vet.

We’re extremely grateful that The Donkey Sanctuary also called us and so kindly offered to help, it’s great when protectors can collaborate together to get the job done. Within a few hours the farm had been located and we were on our way with the Polica and our vet to get him.

What a shock, yes we saw the photo … but to actually see it and the smell was horrific too.

The owners surrendered him immediately, he was treated and sedated at the scene. We then boxed him and were on our way to hospital (we are also trying to get the other donkey with him).

A massive thanks to The donkey Sanctuary who have kindly agreed to settle his medical bills, we are so grateful, also to our wonderful friend Antonio with the Polica local (UCECO) you always come through for us and to our vet Jose .. you’re a star my friend!

We let the Polica name this boy and they chose the name Camaron.

Recovering in Hospital…

When Camaron arrived at hospital his wound was horrendous, but they took care of him and as you can see from the photos the wound is still horrid BUT now clean with the infection slowly clearing. Unfortunately there was no quick fix for Camaron, it’s time … time will heal.

Providing there were no complications from the wound we hoped he would be home in 2/3 weeks. His pain meds were reduced, but he was still on antibiotics. We have no doubt the hospital was the best place for Camaron being in expert hands.

As part of the healing process Camaron also had to undergo laser treatment on his wound which is looking so much better.

Another Operation…

After over two weeks in hospital, Camaron was also castrated. He did fantastically well and the hospital were really pleased with his progress. The hospital felt it was better to do the castration while he was there then he could mix with the herd when he arrived at AAR.

Time is a Great Healer…

Four weeks on plus more laser treatment, Camaron’s wound continued to heal. he was still on his medication but was healthy in all other respects.

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