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Gone but not Forgotten

So as the story goes …. you may remember way back in Aug 2016, we rescued a donkey Zac, and 2 dogs … Sara and Paloma from a property… none had any water or food for weeks! The owner relinquished them all to AAR and was told not to have any more.

RIP Our beloved Zac

6th March 2022 – We are all heartbroken here at AAR as we could not save our boy Zachariah. Our vet arrived and after doing all her checks spoke to the hospital, who advised her not to travel as his breathing was just too slow and he wouldn’t make it, we are always guided by our vet and the hospital…. So sadly our boy was put to sleep. We certainly didn’t want him to suffer, this colic came on so quickly – he was fine yesterday and had his tea last night like normal. This morning he didn’t want breakfast and literally fell down in front of Olivia’s eyes … after getting him up walking he was very unsteady on his legs, he went down again, this time we couldn’t get him to stand.

It’s a massive blow to us loosing one like this so quickly. We love them, feed and care for them every single day, he was loved right to the end, thankyou to Olivia and Kevin for being there and comforting him.

RIP Sleep tight gorgeous boy, gallop over that rainbow bright and don’t look back, your friends will be waiting for you.

Our hearts are broken.

The day Zac arrived in 2016

Zac had been with AAR for about 5 years, but sadly our poor boy got colic and was very unsteady on his feet.

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