Rescued June 2021

Meet Mr. Brioche

We were contacted by the vets from Hospital San Vincente in Alicante about Brioche, a handsome 10 year old stallion who had never lived with other donkeys, only stallion horses.

His elderly owner died a few weeks ago and this left his wife to care for him and the horses. Unfortunately Brioche forgot his manners and attacked the elderly owner leaving her needing hospital treatment.

People ask why do we castrate …. well this is why! Stallions are very strong and totally unpredictable and dangerous!!!!! There’s no reasoning with them, we’ve had many a battle with a stallion.

The now owner had asked all the people she knew in an attempt to find him a home, the last resort was for him to be put to sleep.

Of course we will give this boy a chance, why wouldn’t we, it’s really not his fault. He needs to learn a few manners and we are confident he will be a ‘nice pleasant boy ‘ in a few months time.

The owner very kindly agreed to pay for his castration at the hospital.


Our new boy Brioche was in a lot of pain due to his castration (most sail through the operation!) but he really felt the pain and wasn’t a happy donkey so had to stay in the hospital for a few extra days.

Finally the day came that he was without pain meds and was ready to meet his new donkey friends (this boy has only lived with stallions in the past).

Big change for you sweetheart, you are a donkey and need donkey friends, let’s hope he finds a friend within our herd when he arrives.

Life is good at AAR…

Mr Brioche is home!
I’m sure he knew it was time to come home and wow he is really lovely – just look at those ears, sure we can use them as a radar! Many thanks to the team at Hospital San Vincent in Alicante for taking such good care of him. His new life begins today.

Welcome to AAR sweetheart!

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