The Henrietta Foundation

Andrea and Kevin moved from the UK to Murcia in Spain in 2006 and a couple of years later in 2008, they founded their own donkey sanctury/animal charity.


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About Us

About Our Shelter

Andrea’s Animal Rescue was started in August 2008. The charity was formed primarily to care for mal-treated Donkeys, as during this time, Henrietta, a female donkey who had several tumours, was rescued.

She was in fact our second donkey, Lola being the first. Lola had not been adequately cared for by her previous Spanish owner. Henrietta however was found about two kms away from our home she had been abandoned by the side of the motorway. Her tumours were so severe that she had to have treatment in Murcia veterinary hospital with an estimated cost of 2500 euros for her operations. We commenced fundraising and selling unwanted items at a local car boot sales. This in turn lead to opening of our shop. However due to her treatment and a blood disorder Henrietta sadly died. We could not let her passing go unnoticed, so we formed The Henrietta Foundation.

Andrea’s Animal Rescue and the Henrietta Foundation (AAR) currently cares for over 100 donkeys and ponies as well as some dogs and cats, though the numbers are steadily rising! Luckily they have 10 acres to roam around on freely and a place to call home.

AAR has 2 charity shops helping generate money to look after all the animals. (Our 104 donkeys eat a huge amount!) The shops are in Mazarrón and Roldán – and we are always looking for volunteers to help run them. All we ask is that you are reliable and you give us 4 hours of your time. The shops are our lifeline and closing is not an option….. but we need bodies to help run them!

We will be on sector B carpark 11.30/1.30 collecting any of your unwanted items you wish to donate. Larger items we can arrange for collection.
Carrots AND Apples are always most welcome as is dog food and cat food.

If you love donkeys as much as we do, why not sponsor one – this can be for as little as £10/€10 a month and all your donations will be used for their upkeep. Our donkeys would love to hear from you! Click here for more information on sponsorship. Thank You!


To Help Us

Rescuing Animals

We rescue and care for distressed animals, mainly donkeys, but we also have ponies and other small animals!


We ask for a minimum of £10/€10 a month, of course you can pay more if you wish or even annually.


We currently have 2 charity shops. One in Mazarrón, the other in Roldán. Can you spare some hours to help us?


Do you love donkeys as much as we do, would you like to help us in our charity shops? Get in touch!


Please help us by sharing, liking, commenting on or saving our posts on Facebook or Instagram.

How to Help

Do you love donkeys as much as we do, would you like to help us in our charity shops. We are crying out for help in both our shops, Mazarron and Roldan, we are the first to offer help to donkeys …. hence now having over 100 to care for. The shops are our lifeline and closing is not an option….. but we need bodies to help (see addresses below).  Love donkeys, Support Donkeys, this is all about these little guys, nothing else matters. We are asking just 4 hours on any day you wish to help. So please get in touch, or pop in to either of our shops for more information.


Our sponsorship scheme is vital to help with the day to day running costs, food, farrier, vet fees, worm treatments …. the list is endless.

One of our volunteers Ann, looks after this side of things for us. Obviously we would like you all to sponsor a donkey or two!! Or even a pony, dog, rabbit, the list is endless, but as they say ‘every little helps’.