Meet Camaron

Rescued September 2021

When we meet

Well it all kicked off at lunch time with a post on Instagram that was shared and shared, the only information we had was a rough area, my phone was like the bat phone! On cases like this we have to move fast …. The Polica we’re called and so was our the vet.

We’re extremely grateful that The Donkey Sanctuary also called us and so kindly offered to help, it’s great when protectors can collaborate together to get the job done. Within a few hours the farm had been located and we were on our way with the Polica and our vet to get him.

What a shock, yes we saw the photo … but to actually see it and the smell was horrific too.

The owners surrendered him immediately, he was treated and sedated at the scene. We then boxed him and were on our way to hospital (we are also trying to get the other donkey with him).

A massive thanks to The donkey Sanctuary who have kindly agreed to settle his medical bills, we are so grateful, also to our wonderful friend Antonio with the Polica local (UCECO) you always come through for us and to our vet Jose .. you’re a star my friend!

We let the Polica name this boy and they chose the name Camaron.

Recovering in Hospital

When Camaron arrived at hospital his wound was horrendous, but they took care of him and as you can see from the photos the wound is still horrid BUT now clean with the infection slowly clearing. Unfortunately there was no quick fix for Camaron, it’s time … time will heal.

Providing there were no complications from the wound we hoped he would be home in 2/3 weeks. His pain meds were reduced, but he was still on antibiotics. We have no doubt the hospital was the best place for Camaron being in expert hands.

As part of the healing process Camaron also had to undergo laser treatment on his wound which is looking so much better.

Another Operation

After over two weeks in hospital, Camaron was also castrated. He did fantastically well and the hospital were really pleased with his progress. The hospital felt it was better to do the castration while he was there then he could mix with the herd when he arrived at AAR.

Time is a Great Healer

Four weeks on plus more laser treatment, Camaron’s wound continued to heal. he was still on his medication but was healthy in all other respects.

Meet Mr. Brioche

Meet Brioche

Rescued June 2021

When we met

We were contacted by the vets from Hospital San Vincente in Alicante about Brioche, a handsome 10 year old stallion who had never lived with other donkeys, only stallion horses.

His elderly owner died a few weeks ago and this left his wife to care for him and the horses. Unfortunately Brioche forgot his manners and attacked the elderly owner leaving her needing hospital treatment.

People ask why do we castrate …. well this is why! Stallions are very strong and totally unpredictable and dangerous!!!!! There’s no reasoning with them, we’ve had many a battle with a stallion.

The now owner had asked all the people she knew in an attempt to find him a home, the last resort was for him to be put to sleep.

Of course we will give this boy a chance, why wouldn’t we, it’s really not his fault. He needs to learn a few manners and we are confident he will be a ‘nice pleasant boy ‘ in a few months time.

The owner very kindly agreed to pay for his castration at the hospital.


Our new boy Brioche was in a lot of pain due to his castration (most sail through the operation!) but he really felt the pain and wasn’t a happy donkey so had to stay in the hospital for a few extra days.

Finally the day came that he was without pain meds and was ready to meet his new donkey friends (this boy has only lived with stallions in the past).

Big change for you sweetheart, you are a donkey and need donkey friends, let’s hope he finds a friend within our herd when he arrives.

Life is good at AAR...

Mr Brioche is home!
I’m sure he knew it was time to come home and wow he is really lovely – just look at those ears, sure we can use them as a radar! Many thanks to the team at Hospital San Vincent in Alicante for taking such good care of him. His new life begins today.

Welcome to AAR sweetheart!

Meet Oscar

Rescued January 2022

When we met

We were sent information on this boy in Calaspara, it absolutely breaks our hearts to see this boy once was loved, when he was a foal!

He has nothing, no bed, no shelter ….fed with bread and scraps, it’s absolutely NO LIFE FOR HIM, he’s so lonely and depressed.

He calls out when he sees the two angels he hopes are going to save him from this hideous life, the lady and her mum are trying their best to take decent food for him, difficult situation. We needed to raise €370 which covers the transport money and castration (as he will need castrating ASAP), we can cover the farrier, dental and worm treatment…

He’s underweight, but we can soon remedy that. He needs his hooves doing and the usual worming and vet check will be done, other than that he’s a baby, around 20 months old, shocking that we are his 3rd home AND WE WILL BE HIS LAST!

Within 2 hours of posting this on our Facebook page you lovely people have saved this beautiful boy .. you are all amazing .. absolutely amazing. Thank you!

The Rescue...

Our Calaspara boy is now safely tucked up under our precious AAR wings. We couldn’t get him on the 12th January as hoped due to a few hiccups …. but on the 13th the sun was shining and so was this boy.

This has been made possible by all your wonderful donations, you wanted to give him a wonderful life … well that starts today thanks to you our fantastic supporters, well done everyone.

The AAR promise …. sweetheart you will never want for anything ever again.

Life is good at AAR...

Oscar is settling in to his new life with us here at AAR very well.

22nd January was castration time for our new boy Oscar, 6 Weeks time and he will be able to mix with the herd.

Meet Santana

Rescued September 2021

When we met

We were called by the Polica in Cartagena about an abandoned horse, no information, no photos … just he’s been abandoned!

What a shocking state this boy was in – we were not sure on his age, he’s a drastically underweight stallion and OMG look at his sway back.

A sway back often occurs in older horses when the back muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues responsible for holding the vertebrae in alignment weaken, allowing the spine to sag, most being ridden way too early.

We came to the conclusion here at AAR that it is what it is …. If we can help we do, simple as that … Yes we are a donkey rescue, but there’s no one else to take this boy, we always feel as our backs are up against the wall, no one wants the oldies, which is so so sad.

He was severely malnourished and looked so very very sad, our hearts were breaking for this boy. We collected him and immediately wrapped our protective wings around him and set to work, our aim to give him the very best in his twilight years, however long that may be, he’s around 20 years young, but has had a very hard life I’m sure.

Thanks to your generous donations, help and support we can make this boy’s life happy. Thank you!

What A Difference in 3 Weeks...

Santana has blossomed in his first 3 weeks of being at AAR. He’s clean, well fed, happy and most importantly loved. We are thrilled to share happy photos … before and after. We are on the up with our gorgeous boy!

He also has his very own guardian Angel, so please let me introduce the lovely Chloe. Chloe has a real connection with Santana. They just clicked and she loves him. There’s clearly a bond between these two which is wonderful to see, thank you Chloe for helping care for this special boy.

Life is good at AAR...

As you can see this is where your sponsorship/donations go …. never doubt us, we do what we say and with now almost 100 equines in our care, of course we would love you to sponsor, support, donate or help in any way you can, everything is appreciated. Thank you!

Meet Pancho

Meet Pancho

Rescued October 2021

When we met

We finally managed to rescue the last 3 donkeys and the horse from the farm near Cartagena.

One of the donkeys, Pancho, had a huge hernia the size of a water melon.

After initial vet visits and a trip to hospital, it was decided the best option for Pancho was an operation…. Hernias can be quite difficult and it was also recommended that we castrate at the same time …. Thankfully the Donkey Sanctuary stepped in to pay for the operation as it’s part of the case in which Camaron came from so we are very grateful they did … the bills just keep coming unfortunately.

The Operation and Recovery...

Pancho had his operation and seemed fine but probably very sore but we hoped he would be released from hospital after about 4 days. As always thanks to Monolo’s and his wonderful surgical team at Hospital San Vincente in Alicante.

Our boy Pancho however needed more time to recover than expected – bless him! There were a few complications with his large hernia that was repaired but the hospital dealt with them accordingly. At least he was eating well and not trying to kick our lovely vets so much when checked his wound.

Pancho's Friends...

The rescue also included a horse named Luna who was missing an ear and was blind in one eye. We were absolutely gutted that the other donkey had also sustained a dog bite in the same place as Cameron but luckily it wasn’t as bad and veterinary treatment had been sought. The animals needed to see a vet as they all had various ailments.

Hopefully justice can be sought for these poor animals – all the documents went to court and this case had been in the papers.

Meet Lucera and her Foal

Meet Lucera and Foal

Born April 12th 2022


Early this afternoon we had a wonderful surprise, our girl Lucera gave birth to the most beautiful foal …. I know, I know they’re all so gorgeous and I’m biased!

At first all was good and the foal was drinking , but a few hours on we noticed Moma wasn’t being a good Moma at all, she wouldn’t let the foal near her to drink

We tried holding her, but every time the foal went near her she was trying to kick it out of the way, luckily we were there watching so could save the foal from being hurt as they are so fragile and it’s pitiful seeing them being rejected.

We made the decision to take them both to hospital asap as the foal hadn’t had a drink for around 4 hours even though the foal looked very healthy but we wanted the vets to find out what was going on.

At the Hospital...

It looks like Moma is extremely sore and has ripped herself inside while giving birth. The foal is very healthy and blood tests were done which showed it had definitely had the first milk. They then sedated Moma while they examined her and allowed her foal to drink. Hopefully when she’s out of pain she will let her foal drink as normal!

13th April
So ….They both had a good night, however Lucera really does not like her foal yet !!!! The vets on call had to be quite forceful and hold her still while her foal fed. Some donkeys are just not natural mothers, same as humans! …. Now this morning she’s turned her attentions to the vets …. She won’t let them near her, BUT she’s actually being nicer to her foal ! So we’re heading in the right direction! They have 24 hour care in the hospital so they will be observed today and hopefully home tomorrow.

Back at AAR

14th April
Our newest arrival came home today. Her Moma Lucera is settling down with being a mother, some take to it straight away … some don’t! We still need to keep a close eye on them but we’re very pleased with them both.

Huge thanks as always to Marisa and the team at Alicante hospital.