Rescued October 2021

Meet Pancho

We finally managed to rescue the last 3 donkeys and the horse from the farm near Cartagena.

One of the donkeys, Pancho, had a huge hernia the size of a water melon.

After initial vet visits and a trip to hospital, it was decided the best option for Pancho was an operation…. Hernias can be quite difficult and it was also recommended that we castrate at the same time …. Thankfully the Donkey Sanctuary stepped in to pay for the operation as it’s part of the case in which Camaron came from so we are very grateful they did … the bills just keep coming unfortunately.

The Operation and Recovery…

Pancho had his operation and seemed fine but probably very sore but we hoped he would be released from hospital after about 4 days. As always thanks to Monolo’s and his wonderful surgical team at Hospital San Vincente in Alicante.

Our boy Pancho however needed more time to recover than expected – bless him! There were a few complications with his large hernia that was repaired but the hospital dealt with them accordingly. At least he was eating well and not trying to kick our lovely vets so much when checked his wound.

Pancho’s Friends…

The rescue also included a horse named Luna who was missing an ear and was blind in one eye. We were absolutely gutted that the other donkey had also sustained a dog bite in the same place as Cameron but luckily it wasn’t as bad and veterinary treatment had been sought. The animals needed to see a vet as they all had various ailments.

Hopefully justice can be sought for these poor animals – all the documents went to court and this case had been in the papers.

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