Rescued September 2021

Meet Santana

We were called by the Polica in Cartagena about an abandoned horse, no information, no photos … just he’s been abandoned!

What a shocking state this boy was in – we were not sure on his age, he’s a drastically underweight stallion and OMG look at his sway back.

A sway back often occurs in older horses when the back muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues responsible for holding the vertebrae in alignment weaken, allowing the spine to sag, most being ridden way too early.

We came to the conclusion here at AAR that it is what it is …. If we can help we do, simple as that … Yes we are a donkey rescue, but there’s no one else to take this boy, we always feel as our backs are up against the wall, no one wants the oldies, which is so so sad.

He was severely malnourished and looked so very very sad, our hearts were breaking for this boy. We collected him and immediately wrapped our protective wings around him and set to work, our aim to give him the very best in his twilight years, however long that may be, he’s around 20 years young, but has had a very hard life I’m sure.

Thanks to your generous donations, help and support we can make this boy’s life happy. Thank you!

What A Difference in 3 Weeks…

Santana has blossomed in his first 3 weeks of being at AAR. He’s clean, well fed, happy and most importantly loved. We are thrilled to share happy photos … before and after. We are on the up with our gorgeous boy!

He also has his very own guardian Angel, so please let me introduce the lovely Chloe. Chloe has a real connection with Santana. They just clicked and she loves him. There’s clearly a bond between these two which is wonderful to see, thank you Chloe for helping care for this special boy.

Life is good at AAR…

As you can see this is where your sponsorship/donations go …. never doubt us, we do what we say and with now almost 100 equines in our care, of course we would love you to sponsor, support, donate or help in any way you can, everything is appreciated. Thank you!

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